2020 MAZDA3 Sedan

You may be one of many drivers in the Farmington Hills area who spent the majority of shutdown periods and quarantines at home, and your Mazda may have been driven minimally at that time. Now that the pandemic has passed its peak and shutdown orders have ended, life is returning to normal for many residents. While you may have driven your Mazda minimally over the last year or longer, this may have changed. Now is the time to ensure that your Mazda is in excellent condition by getting it the care it needs. Our Suburban Mazda of Farmington Hills associates can complete all outstanding services and restore it to great condition. What should be done to care for your Mazda soon?

Schedule an Inspection

When you drive your Mazda minimally, such as you may have done over the last several months, some types of low-use wear can take place. For example, the car’s hoses and belts may have weakened or hardened. Fluid level depletion and other issues may have developed. Our technicians at Suburban Mazda of Farmington Hills are happy to complete an inspection and tell you about issues requiring attention soon.

Complete Major Maintenance Services

Is your Mazda due for its major mileage maintenance service? This important service covers all of the bases so that the vehicle is restored to like-new condition from a mechanical perspective as much as possible. If you have put this vital service on the backburner during the pandemic, now is the time to get back up to speed with auto maintenance services.

Tackle Routine Maintenance Services

Is it time for your Mazda’s next oil and filter service? Perhaps your car is due for a brake inspection and pad replacement, a tire rotation, or other routine services? If it has been a while since these services were last completed, now may be the time to schedule an appointment and to cross these items off of your car’s to-do list. Remember that these maintenance services should continue to receive regular attention going forward.

Schedule Auto Care Services for Your MAZDA Today

Regardless of the type of automotive care that your Mazda needs today, one thing is for sure. Your Honda requires professional attention from a skilled automotive technician regularly. Our technicians at Suburban Mazda of Farmington Hills are available to tackle your car’s needs today and down the road. Schedule service for your Mazda online or by phone today.